To celebrate the kick-off of the European Football Championship starting today, we’re happy to share with you some ways on how you can play one of the oldest and most famous sports in the world in Star Trek Fleet Command!

This is just a fun high-level guide, feel free to adapt it to play with your friends/alliances/server according to your level. Show us your videos on Discord!

Pre-match Rules

  • To play this mode you can use any TC systems.
  • Goal posts(2) are delimited by two nodes agreed between the 2 teams.
  • The match can be played by maximum 22 players to minimum 8.
  • Each team is composed of 11 ships (that can be owned by up to 11 players).
  • Ships that can be used are limited to G2 common ships.
  • We suggest each team have 4 defensive ships (Phindra), 4 midfielder ships (Turas), and 3 offensive ships (Talla). But you can decide with your friends which ships to keep.
  • Instead of a Goalkeeper like in real football matches, we have the ball which will be the Envoy.
  • Team must be aligned in front of their goal-line before the start of the match.

Match Rules

  • The aim of the game is to score the goal with the ball (Envoy).
  • How do you score the goal? Crossing the door line.
  • In order to score the goal, they’re allowed to attack the enemy’s ships or enemy’s ball, but do not forget to defend yours.
  • Once a ship is defeated, it can’t turn back to the game.
  • Wins the match the team who scores first the goal or kills the enemy team.
  • Match is played BO3 or BO5. After every goal the team change the side (if they agree to do so).

Starting position

Each team has to start his match before the goal line as shown below:

Scoring a goal

Cross the imaginary line that you’ve chosen:

You can watch Official Content Creator UltimatDJz’s video where he is playing this community mode with some of his friends!