Exocomp Consumables enable players to obtain and activate powerful, temporary Galaxy, Station and Combat boosts. This expansion to Star Trek Fleet Command includes the addition of:

  • A new building – Exocomp Factory
  • New items (Exocomp Consumables) that can be used to boost Galaxy, Station and Combat activities
  • A new store – Consumables Store
  • Two new primary resources – Axionic Chip, Axionic Servo

Key Terms

ExocompUtility robots that can process Consumables
Exocomp Consumables (Consumables)A new type of item that can be activated to gain powerful, temporary boosts
Exocomp Type Referring to the type of Exocomp in reference to what Consumables they can process
Exocomp FactoryA new building that enables players to use and upgrade Exocomp Consumables
Exocomp Consumables GradeBuffs can be G2, G3, or G4, with higher grades being more powerful
Consumables StoreA new store where players can trade Axionic Chips for Consumables packs and get the resources to level up the Exocomp Factory. Axionic Chips can also be claimed here daily

Exocomp Factory

Exocomp Consumables can be unlocked by building the Exocomp Factory

  • The Exocomp Factory is only available at Lvl 16
  • The Exocomp Factory is upgraded using a new resource called Axionic Servos
  • All players level 16+ will receive a pack in the first few days of launch that will grant them the special resource to build this building (Exocomp Factory Key)

Unlocking and Upgrading the Exocomp Factory

  • Level 1: Grade 2 Consumables and Unlocks Galaxy Exocomp- players can now use Galaxy Consumables
  • Level 5: Unlocks Station Exocomp – players can now use Station Consumables
  • Level 15: Unlocks Combat Exocomp – players can now use Combat Consumables
  • Level 25: Grade 3 Consumables
  • Level 35: Unlocks the Multi-purpose Exocomp – any type of Consumable can be used with this Exocomp
  • Level 40: Grade 4 Consumables. Note: Level 40 is the max level the Exocomp Factory can go at launch.

When a player unlocks the Exocomp Factory they will get a daily Axionic Chip pack (available to claim in the Consumables Store). The amount of Axionic Chips in this pack increases with the level of the Exocomp Factory.

Exocomp Types

There are four different types of Exocomps that can handle the different types of Consumables. Consumables of a type Galaxy, Station and Combat can only be used with the appropriate Exocomp. E.g, Station Consumables are processed by the Station Exocomp, Galaxy Consumables cannot be processed by the Combat Exocomp. All types of Consumables can be handled by the Multi-Purpose Exocomp (because that little robot is super talented!).

Exocomp Consumables Grades

There are different grades of Consumables that you can receive from packs. The grades received are based on the level of the Exocomp Factory and can be either G2, G3 or G4.

Note: If a player has received G2 Consumables and then progresses their Exocomp Factory to Level 25 (which unlocks G3 Consumables) the G2 Consumables will still remain in their inventory and can still be used. The unlocking of the next grade up ensures that packs from the Consumables Store gives that grade of Consumables going forward.

Exocomp Consumables Rarity

There are different rarities of Consumables that a player can receive – Common, Uncommon and Rare. Higher rarities provide more advanced or powerful boosts. The Uncommon and Rare Consumables have a greater chance of being pulled from the Premium Exocomp Consumables Pack in the Consumables Store.

Obtaining Exocomp Consumables

The primary way of players obtaining Exocomp Consumables is by trading Axionic Chips in the Consumables Store.

The Consumables Store

A new store is available beside the Territory Store and offers players the opportunity to trade Axionic Chips for Exocomp Consumables packs. Axionic Chips can be received in a daily chest which amount varies based on Exocomp Factory level. Axionic Chips can also be attained via the new daily goal for activating Exocomp Consumables and the second daily goals milestone chest from level 16+.

Players can quickly access the Consumables Store via the Exocomp Factory.

The Consumables Store contains the following:

  • Axionic Chips pack – Fixed amount to claim for free daily
  • Standard Exocomp Consumables pack – Chance amounts of Common Consumables and Axionic Servos (used for Exocomp Factory Upgrading). From Grade 3 onwards, there are three Standard Consumables – Combat, Mining, and Utility. Standard packs can be traded for once per day.
  • Premium Exocomp Consumables pack – Chance amounts of Common, Uncommon and Rare Consumables. At Grade 2 and Grade 3, players have a chance to receive +1 Grade higher in their packs. Premium packs can be traded for an unlimited number of times per day.

Note: All Consumables available in packs should reflect the Grade of Consumables unlocked by levelling up the Exocomp Factory

Using Exocomp Consumables

Accessing Exocomp Consumables

Once a player has unlocked the Exocomp Factory they can tap on the Exocomp Consumables button on the HUD.

Players will see the Exocomps they have available and can tap the Add button on the Exocomp of their choice. This will bring the player to their Consumables inventory.

Alternatively, Consumables can be accessed directly via a player’s Items, in the Consumables tab.

Activating Exocomp Consumables

Player’s can find the Consumables they want to activate and tap the Activate button.

This will bring the Exocomp Consumables screen back up where the active Consumables and available Exocomps are shown.

Exocomp Consumables can last from 1hr + depending on the type, grade and rarity used. This will be specified on the Consumable. When the Consumable has timed out (expired) players will receive a notification. The notification will either be banner if in-game or a push notification if away from the client.

Getting the Benefits of Active Consumables

It is important to note that each type of Consumable triggers on the following:

  • Galaxy consumables: When a player Goes out of dock
  • Station consumables: When a player Starts the Consumable (build/research/repair)
  • Combat consumables: When a player enters Combat

This means that even if Consumables have been activated, there is a chance that a player will not get the full benefit so make sure to follow the above to get the most of Exocomp Consumables.

Replacing Exocomp Consumables

Players can replace a Consumable of the same type by going to the Exocomp Consumables screen or Consumables tab and tapping the Replace button, then a different Consumable in their inventory. This will trigger a warning and give an option to replace the Consumable in progress with the one selected.

Note: If when selecting a type of Consumable, for example Galaxy, and the Galaxy Exocomp is already occupied and the Multi-Purpose Exocomp has no Consumable, the Consumable will automatically be processed by the Multi-Purpose Exocomp. If the Multi-Purpose Exocomp and the Galaxy Exocomp are Occupied players will get a choice as to which they would like to replace.

Deactivating Exocomp Consumables

In the Exocomp Consumables screen, you will have the ability to deactivate a Consumable in progress by tapping the ‘bin’ icon. This will trigger an ‘Are you sure?’ response and should you confirm, the Consumable will be removed and cease to have any effect.


Resource/ItemNamePrimary UsagePrimary Acquisition
Exocomp Factory KeyNeeded to build the first level of the Exocomp FactoryGranted via chest at level 16+
Axionic ChipResource spent on Consumable bundles in Consumables StoreDaily Chest in Consumables Store, Daily Goals
Axionic ServoResource spent to upgrade the Exocomp FactoryConsumables Store
Galaxy ExocompEnables player to use Galaxy ConsumablesExocomp Factory Level 1
Station ExocompEnables player to use Station ConsumablesExocomp Factory Level 5
Combat ExocompEnables player to use Combat ConsumablesExocomp Factory Level 15
Multi-Purpose ExocompEnables player to use an extra Galaxy, Station or Combat ConsumablesExocomp Factory Level 35
Research SpeedA type of Station ConsumableConsumables Store
Repair SpeedA type of Station ConsumableConsumables Store
Build SpeedA type of Station ConsumableConsumables Store
Warp SpeedA type of Galaxy ConsumableConsumables Store
Ship XP from HostilesA type of Galaxy ConsumableConsumables Store
Protected CargoA type of Galaxy ConsumableConsumables Store
Mining SpeedA type of Galaxy ConsumableConsumables Store
Ore MiningA type of Galaxy ConsumableConsumables Store
Gas MiningA type of Galaxy ConsumableConsumables Store
Crystal MiningA type of Galaxy ConsumableConsumables Store
Increased DamageA type of Combat ConsumableConsumables Store
Battleship DamageA type of Combat ConsumableConsumables Store
Interceptor DamageA type of Combat ConsumableConsumables Store
Explorer DamageA type of Combat ConsumableConsumables Store
Armada DamageA type of Combat ConsumableConsumables Store